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Cavalry Partners are more than health plan brokers. Our approach to Health Plan Design is founded on the knowledge that there is a better way to control one of the largest employee interactions and expenses. In a world trying to convince you that “it costs what it costs,” we know that the correct partnership, the right education, and aligned objectives can drive bottom-line savings and improve the employee experience. Cavalry not only helps your organization deconstruct and recreate a plan or program but, more importantly, invests the significant amount of time, personnel, and resources necessary for successful implementation.

Our Expertise

We have a proven track record of building strong partnerships
and delivering exceptional results. Our expertise extends to:

Venture Capital

Private Equity

Family Office

Public / Private Organizations

Referenced Based Pricing

Networked Solutions

Independent And Major TPA, PBM


Behavioral Health

Direct Contracting

Mid to Large Size Health Plans

Supplemental Coverage

Direct Primary Care

Stop Loss

Networks / TPA / PBM Arrangement

Who we work with

Cavalry Partners has a passion to work with employers who are self-funded or are considering self-funding their health insurance.  We primarily work with employers of at least 150 insureds.  Cavalry Partners is familiar with building partnerships alongside multi-location, multi-plan, complex organizations with demanding workforces.

Our Team

Cavalry Partners - Parker Ariail

Parker Ariail

My background is not insurance, but 20 years in home furnishings and healthcare. In both industries, I sought to find a way to relate and educate to help others achieve success and outcomes…aka operations. In all aspects of industry, I found that this was a good formula for results…except for health insurance. In 2013, I joined a long-term care healthcare company and was fortunate enough to work closely with the outstanding CFO to learn the in’s and outs of self-funding.  We found a great way to manage workers compensation spend but health spend was spinning further out of control at each renewal.

Writing the check each week for expenses that had no cost basis, weren’t based on quality, could not be shopped, and could not be managed by either the company or the employee is a tough proposition.  It “costs what it costs” does not resonate with me. Employees should be able to afford their insurance and more importantly, afford to use their insurance without going bankrupt or exhausting the company coffers. Learning more about the health insurance industry and misaligned goals/incentives did little to placate my need to control one of my largest expenses and the most personal of employee benefits. I knew there was a better way.

Being hardheaded and after meeting someone with an aligned perspective but far more health insurance expertise, J.D. Ozmint and I teamed up to form Cavalry Partners.  Our first client, the long-term care company where I had spent so much time, took a chance as all believed that the status quo was not sustainable.  The rest is history.

Besides the newfound enjoyment of health insurance, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife, adventurous 11-year-old boys, and sweet new baby girl!  Outside of the office, our family loves to spend time together and travel when we can.  Our boys would like to see each state before graduating high school!  I enjoy fishing, shooting, golf, my 1962 Scout 80, gardening, and just being outdoors regardless of SC’s weather!

Cavalry Partners - JD Ozmint

JD Ozmint

My entire professional career has been in health insurance. I spent 5 years on the broker side before starting Cavalry with Parker Ariail in 2020. As a broker, I loved looking for creative solutions to the countless problems employers face in trying to offer affordable health insurance to employees. On the sales side, it became clear that real innovation came with a level of end user disruption that most employers were not ready to handle. Time and time again, I would get a business owner to agree that “the way they have always done it” is not sustainable. But time and time again, the fear of disruption was big enough to keep prospects from action.

After some soul searching, I realized that I was trying to sell employers a puzzle of solutions that they knew I wasn’t going to be around to help put together. My job was to sell the puzzle and move on to the next. I had been kicking around the idea of a new type of brokerage / consulting firm for years and this realization was the catalyst for action. After pitching the idea to a couple of businesses, Parker and I were fortunate enough to get a client who was willing to try something new and Cavalry Partners was born.

Outside of the office, and far more importantly, I am a husband to my wife Ansley and dad to two boys, Wyatt and Graham. We go to Resurrection Presbyterian Church and we love living in Greenville.

Cavalry Partners - Jaclynn Deluca

Jaclynn Deluca


Ever since I moved to Greenville, SC 16 years ago, my passion has been insurance!  Over the years, I have worked in medical billing, reimbursement, pharmacy benefits, and prior authorizations.  I know healthcare and insurance may not be exciting to many, but it is to me!  This is my calling.  I enjoy working directly with human resources and team members to help them understand and access their benefits.

I joined Cavalry in early 2023 as a Key Account Manager which allows me to focus exclusively on outreach, proactive education, and responsiveness for valued clients.  Working with Parker and JD in our small but growing office has been a pleasure!

Health insurance is the MOST personal interaction between an associate and their company.  Any challenge with health benefits, in the moment, can be very deflating and frustrating if someone can’t help them immediately.  An unanswered 1-800 call to who-knows-where with 50 keypad options is not helpful!  In that moment is where I find great joy in turning and obstacle into an opportunity to showcase their employers’ benefits and support via Cavalry Partners.  Most employees know my face, my name, and three different ways to reach me!

Further, human resources managers have so much on their plate that it’s tough to retain every benefit detail!  I enjoy the personal relationships with these professionals and partnering with them on all challenges, marketing needs, recruitment, and retention efforts!  I am their benefits expert so they can focus on other important matters!

Outside of Cavalry Partners, I always look forward to spending time with my family, pets, and friends. My favorite hobbies are finding time to volunteer, walk the Swamp Rabbit Trail, or just enjoy Greenville by exploring new places and restaurants.

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