Small Business Health Insurance Plan Design By Cavalry Partners




Our approach to Health Plan Design helps employers build and sustain an effective, affordable health and benefits program. 



Cavalry’s model is built on mission alignment with our clients. This means that our primary focus is not simply finding the right solutions. We focus on the execution and long-term sustainability of the plans we help our clients build.

As this work is bandwidth intensive, we choose to only partner with one or two clients annually.

Phase 1: Deepening Our Understanding

We cannot plot a way forward without knowing where you have been and where you want to go. It is never as simple as “We just need to save money.”

Conversation. We are not selling you a plan; we are proposing a partnership. Day One is a conversation about your health plan and its philosophy.  Why do you offer health insurance and why in what ways it is important to your organization?

Suggestion. We have experience and a proven track record of success. Cavalry Partners is relied upon for our creativity and expertise to solve unique problems and meet your needs.

Alignment. If we can earn your business, Cavalry Partners will seek to contractually align our incentives and your goals.

Phase 2: Deciding where to focus

Cavalry Partners encourages our clients to implement changes at their own pace.  Our goal is not to replace things that are not broken.  Needless disruption jeopardizes the success of future plan changes.

Solutions. Cavalry Partners does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.  We work diligently to identify opportunities for health plan improvement.

Partner Selection. As this is not a “plug and play” proposition, Cavalry Partners will introduce you to several vendor partners who align well with your organization and goals. Health plans are personal to you and the workforce, and therefore requires a series of interviews with key stakeholders prior to selection.

Make Decisions. The parts of the whole are coming together. Selections and timing are set. Whether you have chosen to make changes in one or all of the health plan elements, we help you focus on which choices to make in the order they need to be made.

Phase 3: Implementation & Future Planning

Get Ready. Strategic pre-kickoff planning will include integration, education, and outreach across all layers of the workforce. Cavalry Partners is your outreach partner. The working relationship with human resources should be defined.

Set. We build extensive libraries of custom collateral and education pieces necessary to reach the workforce. Outreach is established through calling, texting, and online chats. How does your workforce engage?  We meet the workforce where they are.

Go. All of the education in the world does not replace actual experience. The first 4-6 months of any plan change require maximum support. Does the employee know where to go with a challenge or question?  That is our focus.

Outreach + Operate. New employee orientation, effective date education packages, post-effective date (+15, +60) review, and full lifecycle support are critical.  Health plans should never be a “set it and forget it” proposition.  

Tracking. Data recording, surveys, and validation help you and Cavalry Partners determine if your goals are being met. As our own incentives are tied to success, we seek to maintain dashboards that give us all up-to-date information.

Refine. Finally, Cavalry Partners prefers consistency over change. We seek to refine our vendor partner relationships to fit goals rather than start again. We would rather renovate than rebuild but remain flexible and are adept at facilitating necessary adjustments during a plan year should it be required.

Small Business Health Insurance Plan Design by Cavalry Partners for your employee insurance and benefits.

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